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In 2002 and 2003 we commissioned Alison Hurst to do portraits of our two children Peter and Emma. Initially this involved having photographs taken which was a fun and memorable experience and left us with many beautiful images of our children. Emma, being the younger of the two, required many more photographs but Alison remained relaxed, good humoured and patient throughout. The most difficult part was choosing a photograph for the portrait but Alison was very helpful in narrowing down the choice and suggesting which pictures would make the best portrait. We now have two beautiful portraits of our children which are a permanent reminder of what they were like at 2 years of age. Alison has also managed to capture their two very different personalities in the portraits which is, we think, a very special talent. In our opinion, Alison is an excellent portrait artist. Her ability to both pay attention to detail and capture the personality of the subject is truly remarkable. We can highly recommend her to anyone considering a portrait.
Hugh Dillon and Eleanor Wauchob
I commissioned Alison to do a pencil portrait of my daughter. She was 3 years old at the time and I thought getting her to sit still for a portrait would have been impossible. So Alison came to our home & took many photos of Aoife. I was absolutely delighted with the finished portrait. 12 years later the portrait means more to me than ever. My daughter is now a young woman and the reminder of the little child she was is wonderful. The portrait still has pride of place in my sitting room today. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alison as a fantastic portrait artist.
Lisa Byrne
My companion animals bring out the best in me and Alison’s wonderful portraits of my pets have certainly captured their essence. I cried when I first viewed the last portrait she completed of my dog Bonnie Bea as her work is inspirational. Alison’s love and respect for animals and nature shines through in her portraits as she pays attention to every small detail. My pet portraits are all treasured and they represent companions I love.
Cortina Morriss-Parr
In her animal paintings, Alison has the rare skill of capturing the real personality of her subject matter. It's almost a living, breathing likeness.
Stephen Odlum
When my eldest son was four, rather than get a studio photo, I decided to opt for a portrait. I have always been drawn to the old victorian portraits, they are timeless works of art that can be passed on from one generation to another. In our home it is always one of the first works of art that people comment on and the frame is solid but does not detract from the drawing. I also commissioned a portrait of our two cherished cocker spaniels, mother and daughter, which captures both of their personalities, sadly the mother died in an accident, but as a family we have this wonderful memory of her to enjoy.
Mary Fehily-Hobbs
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