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Here is a testimony to Art and the joy of working with Alison Hurst, from her husband Mark, someone privileged to see the process first hand. On every occasion, the experience is one of trust and commitment from both sides. The wonder of her work is best described in the following short story:

A few years ago I was asked to deliver a finished portrait to a gentleman who had commissioned Alison to paint his wife’s deceased collie dog. It was to be his gift to her for Christmas. Our clandestine meeting was in a car park. When I opened the boot of the car to show him the finished painting there was silence, no reaction, so I asked if he was happy with the way Alison had portrayed their beloved dog. Still nothing, until I looked up and noticed that there were tears in his eyes. He apologised for being so silly and said that the painting was so good it brought back such a rush of memories that he could not hold onto his emotions. It was a very special moment for both of us, his joy at the painting and for me, pride in my wife’s wonderful talent. He thanked me for delivering the painting and wished Alison a very, very Happy Christmas. At 7.53am on Christmas morning we received a telephone call to our home. On the other end of the line was a women who was beside herself with joy for the present that she had just received from her husband, and could not thank Alison enough for bringing back the dog that was so sadly missed.

Mark Hurst

So why would you commission a portrait? In the most simple terms, it is a priceless gift, a treasure to behold.

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